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Vizag Info / Weather

While Vizag is considered one of the best cities in AP, India, the weather itself can have some mood swings. Weather is divided into four seasons just like other parts of India: Spring, Summer, Rainy and Winter.

Spring January 20th to March 31st : Spring is beautiful in Visakhapatnam. During this period skies are clear, with nice breezes and low humidity. The temperature is between 20C and 30C. It is extremely pleasurable to visit the city for your business or personal trips during this time. Whether you take a morning walk or go out to work or visit friends, the weather is perfect.

Summer April to June 15th : Summers are hot and humid just like many other parts of India. However, if you compare Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad or Vijayawada (other major cities in AP, India), Vizag is much more temperate. The temperature is at least 3C to 7C lower than that of other cities in AP, India. However, the humidity is higher than in dry places like Hyderabad. The humidity can make it sticky during summer. The evenings are way better than the afternoons. Due to the fact that it is a beach city, the weather settles in the evenings, making it fun to walk around the city and the beach in the evenings.

Rainy June 16th to August 15th : Monsoon season arrives during June and remains until mid-August. As the first drop of rain comes, it does bring relief to locals from the summer. In 2013, there was early monsoon, starting June 2nd. The weather starts to cool off as the days become overcast. The rain usually lasts no longer than 15 to 30 minutes at a time. Many people choose to enjoy the rain while it drops and cools the ground, before moving on with their schedules. One advantage of the city – unlike major metropolitan areas like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, or Chennai – is that there is NO flooding or staggering on the roads during rainy days. Due to its beautiful architectural master plan, the city is well-equipped to deal with the rainy season without flooding.

And the Winter comes....

August 16th to October 15th. Winter from October 16th to January 19th : The weather between August and October is optimal for all age groups. There is no adversity of any kind. Beautiful mornings, clear skies and splendid evenings make the winter a must-visit time of the year. The winter represents the most promising time of the year. The temperatures never drop below 13C, and they never exceed 22C during day. For these reasons, over 40% of tourists make Visakhapatnam their destination of choice during the winter.

Best time to Visit Visakhapatnam: In our editorial view, the best time to visit Vizag – per our personal experience – is between August 15th and April 15th. So plan your trip and back your bags; and, hey, don't forget to give us a call for your best STAY in town. Encore Inn welcomes you to Vizag (Visakhapatnam). Call us today at +91 (0891) 254 6688 / (0891) 356 2510.

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