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Corporate and Business Rooms

Business and Corporate guests/travelers are one of the most important segment of travelers we cater to. For those who are busy and have a demanding schedule, our corporate and business rooms fit both their time and budget.  If you are in the city for a business trip or conference and need a comfortable good night's sleep, our rooms will fit all that you need, including your tight business expenditure budget and a quick no hassle check-in and check-out process. Your final bill is handed over and will be emailed to you on demand.   Our Corporate and Business rooms have a contemporary design, with queen size beds – custom designed with 12 inch mattress that no other business hotels provide in Vizag –  24 inch LED Samsung TV, study table and chair, FREE high speed WI-FI connection for your laptop or tablet and your favorite channels in hi def for your complete relaxation. Great room service is just a phone call away; hot food is served so you don't have to leave the room and still satisfy your taste buds. And that's not all; our corporate and business rooms come with great, clean bathrooms too. Check out more details of our corporate/business rooms and bathrooms below, and don't forget to look around photo gallery for the exact look and feel of the rooms and bathrooms.

Business Room Bed Area
Business Room Bed Study Area
Business Room Straight View
Business Bathrooms View1

Tariff for Corporate Rooms:

For single occupancy: Rs. 2499/night (Plus Tax)
For Double Occupancy: Rs. 2999/night (Plus Tax)
**Our Corporate rooms do not have a provision for extra beds.

Tariff for Business Class Rooms:

(Business Rooms and bathrooms are slightly larger than Corporate Rooms)

For single occupancy: Rs. 2499/night (Plus Tax)
For Double Occupancy: Rs. 2999/night (Plus Tax)
**Our Business Class Rooms do not have a provision for extra beds.

Corporate and Business Class Room Specifications:

  • Room Size :

    These rooms have a queen size feel with the best space management used for your comfort. Our Corporate Rooms are usually booked by companies for their sales reps and account executives. Our Business Class rooms are usually booked by individual business owners.

  • Air Condition:

    All Corporate and Business Class Rooms are centrally air conditioned, with each room possessing its own temperature control remote option. The hotel is fitted with premium Blue Star 7star energy efficiency ductable units for each room for individual guest comfort.

  • Bed:

    Our queen size beds come with 78 inch (6.5ft) long, 60 inch (5ft) wide and 12 inch thick Peps hotel/motel series mattresses, with double head board padding for the most relaxing feel.

  • Bedside table:

    Custom designed bedside tables are installed and fitted with modern lighting for easy use and reach during a full night's stay or an afternoon nap. High quality electrical switches and phones are also installed in the side tables on both sides of the bed.

  • Furniture and Paintings:

    Paintings and artifacts are handpicked and imported from Los Angeles, USA, to best suit the design and layout of the rooms. Furniture – such as sofa and study chair, table, and center tables – are all fitted with your comfort in mind.

  • Internet Connection:

    FREE high speed WI-FI is available in all rooms. Get the password info from the front desk/reception. You can reach the receptionist via phone by dialing 9 on your room land line.

  • Wardrobe & Safe Locker:

    Executive rooms are equipped with spacious light fitted wardrobes, with provisions for hanging and storing your clothes for daily use. The wardrobe is also fitted with locked areas for your valuable items. Guests are advised to carry minimum jewelry and other valuables during travel.

  • Luggage Racks:

    Executive rooms are equipped with additional storage areas for your luggage, such as suitcases, tote bags, or laptop cases and other essential travel bags that guests carry with them.

  • Study Area:

    These rooms have ample space for your studying or light office work. Whether you want to complete your pending work or seriously write your next business plan, you will have all the conveniences to do it, including a high speed uninterrupted WI-FI connection.

  • Entertainment:

    24 inch Samsung LED TVs are installed in all rooms for the best TV viewing experience. We have over 300 cable channels with digital set up box. Whether you are a sports lover, enjoy watching movies or musicals, or can't live without your favorite daily soap, you will not miss any programs. We have channels in almost all languages, including English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Oriya, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kanada and other Indian languages.


Business Bathroom Specifications:

  • Shower:

    Total high end glass paneling is used on the shower area for the best and cleanest shower experience. The shower area is also fitted with high ceiling glass paneling with lights on it. 24 hour hot and cold water is supplied with eco friendly solar heaters. Both hand shower and rain shower facilities are available. We have used only high end Jaquar fittings for all your shower needs. Come and experience the best fresh shower experience with our designer style bathroom.

  • Commode:

    High end designer style commodes are used. Commodes are not installed on the floor; instead they are hung on the wall with touch button flushing. Commodes come with clean seat covers for ladies. Soft tissue paper is provided for that extra clean feel for your daily use.

  • Basin and other accessories:

    Jaquar makes wash basins that provide extra storage underneath for ladies' items during your short and long stay. In addition, your bathroom is fully equipped with other amenities, such as: towel racks; towel rings; coat/dress hooks; place holders for shampoo, soap and lotions; and shaving/touch mirrors. Our bathrooms are equipped with everything that you can think of for the best morning time experience.


  • Fire and Safety Features:

    One may give all the amenities in the world, but that's NOT enough unless careful thought is given to you and your loved one's safety. We at Encore Inn believe in the highest standard possible when it comes to our guests' safety. Encore Inn is fully equipped with automatic fire extinguishers for each and every room, including corridor and lobby areas. In addition, each floor is equipped with carbon monoxide alarm systems – which are used in the United States – to detect and protect our guests in the event of emergency. Each floor is marked clearly with exit signs for your quick evacuation. DON'T USE THE LIFT/ELEVATOR DURING EMERGECY; INSTEAD USE THE STAIRS.

  • Power Back Up:

    Encore Inn is fully compatible with up to date generator systems. Our hotel runs at full capacity, just like normal, during power failure without any inconvenience to our guests. All lights, fans, bathroom fittings and everything else is supported with generator back power. However, AC will remain non-operational during a power failure.

hotel specials
hotel specials
hotel specials
hotel specials
Signle Occupancy Rs 2499/-
Double Occupancy Rs 2999/-
hotel specials
hotel specials
Signle Occupancy Rs 3499/-
Double Occupancy Rs 3999/-
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