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Businesses : Visakhapatnam, often known as Vizag, is the second largest city in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the third largest city on the east coast of India, falling next to Chennai and Kolkata. With a population of over two million and the reputation of its well-structured Vizag Port, the city is very friendly to its businesses. Visakhapatnam is a peaceful city; its law and order situation is considered to be one of the best in India, the municipal corporation is very strong, and all new developments are done in accordance with the great municipal authority guideline. For more info on Visakhapatnam Municipality visit:

  • Industrial City: Visakhapatnam is well known for its industrial hub. You will find almost every type of industry in town. The port, shipyard, steel plant, and zinc producers can all be found in one place. The government has used several measures to promote and expand the industrial hub of Visakhapatnam, known as the "Special Economic Zone," with lots of emphasis on small industrial players that play a vital role in the future growth of the city. The VSEZ first opened its doors in 1989 in Duwada, AP. For more info visit:
  • Software/IT Enabled Services: India has seen some slowness in the new software industry setup and expansion plan, due to global restructuring and political pressure from the US and European countries to keep the job within their broader line. However, Visakhapatnam has seen tremendous growth in software services. Due to the city's low cost man power (when compared to Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore) and the great talent of the youth population, the government of AP has taken measurable steps to move the IT sector forward through their massive expansion plan. Please refer to a recent article on Business Standard's:

  • Tourism Industry: Visakhapatnam has earned the nick name "Goa of the east coast." The name is well kept by its residents, who provide the utmost respect to its tourist. We can't under estimate the combined efforts of the AP government and Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation. With the central minister for tourism being a mega star, the people of Vizag look to him for the great project of tourism in the city. For information on places of interest in Vizag, Please visit our Places to visit info page

  • Health/Pharma: Pharma and Health industries are well known for their great bottom-line profits. Visakhapatnam has done a great job in attracting the pharma industry. With manufacturing subsidies to pharma industries, the city has seen rapid expansion in this sector. Also, the health care sector has witnessed rapid growth in the city. All major hospitals have made Vizag their home. The city also has large hospitals that are run for government and S. E. Indian Railways.

  • Education: Education is the mantra of every parent in the city. Those who want to give the best education to the next generation have promoted the best educational setup in Vizag, AP. From basic primary education to higher education, the city has seen many educational institutions set up shop. With vast potential for the next generation, today Visakhapatnam has the best schools and colleges in AP, India.

  • Financials: Financial services are still in their infant stage in Visakhapatnam. The major banks and non-banking financial sector are yet to bring their services to the city. While a lot of small non financial service sector businesses have flourished in Vizag, there is still a place for larger and more regulated financial services companies to play a major role and take advantage of its vast growing population. On the other hand, the nationalized banks have done well in the city. The stock brokerage services or portfolio managers are basically non-existent in the city and we certainly hope financial services companies will do a better job in the future in the city.

  • Infrastructure: Beyond boundaries is a notion well-known in India as cities are outgrowing and expanding into their own outskirts. Visakhapatnam is no exception; the city's infrastructure projects are growing at a rapid pace and land costs have increased many times over, just like all other parts of India. The municipal corporation of Visakhpatnam has now expanded to greater Visakhapatnam. There is constant talk in local newspapers that the areas from Bheemli to Anakapalli will be brought under the greater Viskha maps. With that in mind, Vizag infra is bound to experience rapid growth in coming years. Want to be part of it? Then come and experience the ever-expanding city of Visakhapatnam/Vizag in AP, India.
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